On-site Staff WordPress Training.

  • flexibility.
  • cost-effectiveness.
  • the ability to promptly adapt to changes.

No Web design Skills? No Problem.

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This course is specifically tailored for individuals seeking to equip themselves or their staff with the essential skills to effectively work with WordPress in building and maintaining company websites, blogs, or online stores.

It is not intended to provide a comprehensive training for individuals aspiring to become fully qualified web designers. Instead, the focus is on empowering your team with the practical knowledge needed to navigate and utilise WordPress for the purpose of managing your business’s online presence efficiently.

The modular approach ensures that participants gain the specific skills necessary to contribute to the development and upkeep of your digital platform without the need for extensive web design expertise.

We focus on practical applications for your business, ensuring that every skill learned directly contributes to maintaining your website or building one from scratch.


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Helping Your Staff

Manage your site

Are your staff untrained in managing your WordPress site? Our specialised WordPress Training for Untrained Staff is the key to transforming novices into confident administrators.

Add Pages and Posts

Step-by-step tuition on creating new pages that align with your website’s goals. From home pages to service pages, your staff will learn to structure content for optimal impact.

Build New Site

Training staff Step-by-step tuition on crafting a new website. Ensure your content is not only informative but visually captivating.

Review your site security

Is your site secure? Protecting your website from threats is essential to maintaining data integrity and user trust. We offer simple yet effective steps to enhance your site’s security, especially if you use WordPress. From using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication to installing security plugins and ensuring regular backups, our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of website protection.


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Building a new site or maintaining your existing one.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance and maintain y1our existing website, this course will provide your team with the skills needed to build and or maintain your online presence.
Whether your team prefers a customised learning experience to meet individual requirements or follows a predesigned schedule, our course is designed to adapt to your unique needs

What if we need something more complex?

You may find sometimes you require more intricate or specialised tasks. Having a web-based system allows you to engage an experienced web designer on an as-needed basis.
This allows businesses to leverage the expertise of a professional when facing complexities or seeking advanced customisations, ensuring that their WordPress site is effectively managed and optimised for specific requirements.

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Your Website, Live in one day

Starting a new business?

Get Your Website Up and Running in One Day with Beginner-Friendly WordPress Training!

Are you eager to take your business online with a professional website or upgrade your existing site but lack the web design skills to do so? Is the cost of commissioning a website and ongoing maintenance holding you back from projecting your business the way you would like?

We have the perfect solution for you! Our tailored WordPress Training for New Business Startups is designed specifically for individuals with no prior experience in managing websites. By learning to build and maintain your own site, you can save significantly on both initial setup and ongoing costs.

With our expert guidance, it’s quite possible to have your site up and running in just one day!

Get ready to unlock your online potential, save big, and create a stunning, professional-looking website with ease.

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