Build your own website Today. Beginners Course

Do you require a website? Whether for your business or personal projects. Then this is the course for you.

Beginners web design for business or personal, requires no previous knowledge in creating web sites. This course will take you through the process in simple to understand lessons.

No Previous Experience

Using the WordPress block builder will allow you to build a professional looking web site. Adding images, text forms and maps and all with no previous web design experience.

Simple Easy Steps

Learn how to setup your site from scratch. Registering your domain name, setting up your web site hosting and installing the software you need.

Finished web Site

By the end of the course you will have built a fully functioning web site. With the knowledge to grow and maintain it going forward.


All you require is a laptop and some basic computer experience.

You will be building your new website using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a very popular and simple to use website builder. Known as a, content management system. It has it’s own built in website builder that requires no previous web design or coding knowledge.

WordPress has many thousands of pre built design templates and layouts. These are easily customised to your business or private needs.
It also has a free and extensive range of plugins that cater for almost any business or personal requirements. For example. Forms, Reviews, Galleries and full professional e-commerce, to name just a few.


Course elements

This course is designed for people with a basic or no experience producing websites. It will be broken down into bite size blocks to make it simple and easy to follow.

Set up

How to register your domain name. How to set up your hosting. How to set up your website.

Design and layout

Choose your theme. How to customise your theme. Use WordPress editor to add your content.

Extend you site

Finding and installing plugins to improve your site. How to install and configure maps, forms and galleries.


Structure pages and plugins to help my site rank higher in the search results.

Digital Marketing

Using keywords snd Pay Per Click advertising to advertise my site.


How to install and build my online shop.

Are you running a business?

Every business needs to be online. Although social media can be a important, for some business it’s unable to provide the whole solution. So, if your starting a new venture, or have an established business having a professional web site is essential.
If you need to display you portfolio. If you provide a service or if you’re looking to sell your products. This beginners web design course is your answer.

Laptop Screen
Woman on Laptop

Need to manage your companies web site? Need to start a blog for your club?

Every project is different and so are the requirements of a the web site. We’ll help define what is need form your web site and give you knowledge to put it into action.


Lesson 1 Introduction

What Is WordPress
How to find and register a domain name
How to choose your web hosting
Install WordPress
Choosing your theme (How your site will look)
Installing your theme
Setting up your site

Lesson 2 Site Editing

Customising WordPress
Find and install plugins
Editing your WordPress site
Using the site editor
Adding content